Sunday Morning Service 4/18/2021

Thank You for Joining Us. Watch Reverend Johnny C. Owens, Jr., deliver a powerful message on The First Breakfast After the Last Supper. Nobody but the Lord has the power the change an expected outcome. How many times have you given your all to a situation only to come up short? This pandemic has forced us to do things differently from before. Listen to God. Be obedient to His command. It will lead you to unimaginable outcomes, oftentimes a second chance. Walk by faith not by sight. Scripture John 21:9-14


The Role Of The Black Family

The Christian Board of Education recognizes The Role of the Black Family – Representation, Identity and Diversity as we celebrate the multi-generation families in our Virtual Black History Program.


Meeting the needs of the congregation and the community Ministries

All ministries at Greenview First Baptist Church are there to meet the needs of the congregation as a whole, small groups within the congregation and the community in which we live.


Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join our virtual General Bible Study Class. Classes will be live via zoom at 7pm every Wednesday.

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Bible Quiz

Do you Know about the Bible? The King James, Gutenberg and more? Is there a typo in the Bible? Take the Bible Quiz! We answer questions about the good book itself. Test your knowledge!