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Do you have a hard time really understanding how the Bible relates to your daily life?

Build a firm foundation in your faith, one that would not be affected by the world around you. The Bible Study will help you build a firm foundation of your faith. Helping you grow in ways you never thought were possible.

Imagine the feeling of opening up the Word and truly knowing how it applies to your life today. How would you like to get excited about studying the Bible, instead of being confused, lost, and unclear on how the teachings and verses relate to your life?

General Bible study

  • Wednesday night at 6:45PM -8:00PM

Berean Bible study

  • Wednesday night at 6:45PM- 8:00PM

Midday Bible Study

  • Tuesday at Noon – 1:00PM
  • Study the word through “The Daily Bread” and “The Days of Praise.”