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Christian Rites of Passage

“Start children off on the way they
should go, and even when
they are old they will not
turn from it.”
Proverbs 22:6


The Young Lions and Daughters of Imani is a mentoring program designed for 9th Graders and Older Participants.

Thru the program participants will…
1. explore the Bible;
2. engage in positive peer group involvement;
3. have hands-on skill development and encouragement
4. exploration of career development;
5. bolstering self-esteem;
6. focusing on life concerns and skills;
◦ interviewing techniques;
◦ job searching techniques;
◦ tips for college;
◦ personal financial management classes; and more.

The Ministry meets in the Williams House at 9:45 am on 2nd Sundays


Rev. Michael Addison, Leader

Ms. Mae Hazel, Teacher